Facts About Cape Verde

Read about Cape Verde on Wikipedia!Cape Verde is an archipelago off the west coast of Africa at 15.02N, 23.34W. It is formed by 10 main islands and about 8 islets. All islands are volcanic, but an active volcano only exists on one of the islands, Fogo. The isolation of Cape Verde from the African mainland has resulted in the islands having a large number of endemic species, many of which are endangered by human development.


Cape Verde is a small nation that lacks resources and has experienced severe droughts. Agriculture is made difficult by lack of rain and is restricted to only four islands for most of the year. Most of the nation's GDP comes from the service industry. Cape Verde's economy has grown since the late 1990s, and it is now considered a country of average development. In 2007 the United Nations graduated Cape Verde from the category of Least Developed Countries.


Cape Verde is in the tropical zone. Average temperatures range from 24 °C in January and February to 29 °C in September. The average annual rainfall for Cape Verde is 68.4 mm. The climate is arid, but Cape Verde's position in the Atlantic contributes to soften the aridity, that otherwise would be the same aridity as that in continental areas.

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